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Would you like to book us to provide a music based activity for your school or organisation?

For younger children

‘KalypsoKids!’ is our interactive music class for ages 2-7 (approx.). We use a wide range of accessible musical instruments and percussion and through song and rhyme we encourage the children to explore the different instruments. The class promotes creativity and expression through music. At foundation stage, we use colours and numbers to teach musical notes to ensure the class is both inclusive and accessible. The session is approximately 40 minutes with a warm up and cool down activity included. 
‘It's Carnival!' for Key Stages 1&2 we are able to give the children the opportunity to design, create and rehearse their very own Caribbean carnival performance. Activities include costume design, steelband and percuss song and dance centered around our specified theme. The children will have the opportunity to explore various activities depending on the length of the project you would like us to run.  Typically 1-3 days.
We can offer half day or full day workshops planned and organised and by our tuition team.  We begin with an assembly during which we talk to the children about steel pan music, where it originated and how steel pans are made. This is usually a good opportunity to provide a short performance followed by 'try it out' sessions suitable for groups of approx 20 children at a time. 

If you are interested in hiring a set of steel pans to offer weekly steel pan lessons we can also accommodate this. We offer a termly or yearly fixed price for the package which includes hire and maintenance of the instruments and an experienced tutor. We would need to discuss this in more detail about what you would be looking for but the options are there.


Feel free to email us directly or call me on 07957426874 to discuss in more detail about what you might be looking for. It may be that a taster session in the first instance is a appropriate with a view to developing it further.

Key Stages 1 & 2

Workshops for all ages

Steel Pan club

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