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Meet our Team...

Claire Falcus - Musical Director

I manage the bands music and performance as well as leading the various projects the charity operates. I have been playing and teaching pan from a very young age in various schools and organisations across the region.  

Jenny Chan - Assistant Musical Director

I co manage the bands music as well as tutoring many of our participants. I started playing the steelpan 11 years ago and since then my love for music has developed. I love sharing my enthusiasm for pan with both children and adults. I am an early years primary school teacher.

Laura Hall - Charity Secretary

I co-ordinate the day to day management of the charity and its activities as well as acting as the charity secretary. I have played pan since the beginning of steelpan at Northburn in 2008 and and have found my home on the triple guitar pan!

Charity Trustees:-

Janet Smith, Gail Yule, Andrew Hall and Alison Chan

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